After 7 months of epic adventures travelling through Lanzarote, Morocco, Italie, France and Kenya we’re really excited to share with you this 5 part series we've produced in collaboration with Mogul, Peugeot & Yellow Korner. A heartwarming series where five renown photographers Oliviero Toscani, Mr Fifou, Laurence Laborie, Theresa Freitas & Laurent Baheux talk to us about their individual quests for Allure in their personal work. In this specific episode Laurence Laborie shows us her vision of Allure. Laurence whisks us away with her to the island of Lanzarote, an island she has fallen in love with, to discover landscapes as sublime as they are astonishing. Victoria, a Ukrainian model, accompanies her on her quest for Allure, in search of contrasts between the female body and the purity of the elements. 

CLIENT : Peugeot 
TITLE: Woman to Woman 
DIRECTOR: Julien Faure 
PHOTOGRAPHER: Laurence Laborie 
DOP: Jacques Ballard, A.F.C 
FIXER: Christophe Dupont 
EDITOR: Jordi Gueyrard 
COLORIST: Anne Szymkowiak 
MODEL: Viktoriia YAROVA 
MUSIC: Artist: Tomas Novoa - "Primavera", Michael FK - "Still Life", Michael FK - "Lighthouse", Alon Ohana - "Red Room", Michael FK - "Save Me" 
SOUND MIX: Pure sound project - Théo Noël, Joris Sellem

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