Freelance film maker and graphic designer.

After studying product design, architecture and interior design, I finally got a master’s degree in Graphic Arts at Penninghen (Paris) . Then I worked in animation industry and I developed character design and visuals for feature films and animation series. To go further, I used a camera to drop my animated characters into the real world. 
Since, my work has focused on directing, driven by authenticity and sincerity. I especially love to capture life in the natural energy of situations, in search of spontaneity, and vibrant images. Human is the essence of my approach. The setting, the light, the frame, the movement and the rhythm are dedicated to the story and emotions. 
And the more it makes sense, the more it drives me, the more I dive into it.

Feel free to share any nice project
m. +33 6 70 27 15 67

Photography by Lukas Šalna.

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