Office National du Tourisme Tunisien - United for Tunisia
Tunisia celebrates the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet for its contribution to the young Tunisian democracy. On the occasion of the award ceremony, Publicis set up a campaign with Troublemakers to support democracy and the Tunisian people. Julien Faure directs a film with a message that is strong in terms of concept and craftsmanship. It is not only a hymn to peace and solidarity, the aim was to create a visually beautiful film. A film which highlights the courage of these men and women, which inspires unity and action.

Client. Office National du Tourisme Tunisien
Agency. Publicis 
Executive Director. Laurent Fauroux 
Chief Creative Officer. Kurt Novack
Creative Director. Philippe Chesnais
Art Director. Xavier Brissard
Copywriter. Olivier Durand
Director of Digital Strategy. Christophe Vramant
Account Director. Aline Gauffeny
Project Manager. Cécile Henderyckx

Production Company. (Troublemakers)
Director. Julien Faure
Executive Producer. James Hagger
Production Manager. Benjamin Zorrilla
Production Manager. Cécile Alvarez
Production Assistant. Felipe Bernard
Director of Photography. Guillaume Adrey
Assistant Camera. Fabien Simoni
Sound Engineer. Corentin Vigot 
Editor. Manuel Coutant
Assistant Editor. Alexis Ghnassia
Talent. Alizée Gaborit, Inès Bezonçon, Jonathan Morin, Maxime Faure, Manon Pilli

Ciné Téléfilms Producer. Habib Attia 
Production Assistant. Samia Jebari
Unit Production Manager. Tarek Kheriji
Assistant Location Manager. Salah Chatti
Casting Director. Badis Khaldi
Stylist Nedra. Gribaa
Running Girl. Nadia Zakhama
Tunisian People. Salaheddine Elemalaque, Fethi Belili, Abdelaziz Blanco, Meriam Belcacem, Walid Maatoug, Khaled Ben Khaled, Hedi Belhaj Brahim, Youssef Jebali, Mohammed Ofhada, Fluima Gafsi, Hamdi Abbess, Saffouanne Chebbi, Elghouh Ridha, Mohammed El-Hédi, Ammar Tabbalz, Oms Ben Krima, Hamdi Abbess, Ben Touati Hamdi, Souheil Chebbi, Raed Ben Abdenahman, Youssef Rjeb, Mohamed Nasser, Belgacem Guessmi, Mohamed Natali, Olhmen Khaled, Kavim Samnien, Walid Fray

Producer. Lars Wagner
Production Manager. Ian Otto
Director of Photography. Jakob Suess 
Assistant Camera. Kalle Kallovsky
Stylist. Katrin Wespel
Berlin Duette. Luna Nathalie Schön
Berlin Dude. Patrick Goldau

Producer/Production Manager. Natalie Brook-Reynolds
Director of Photography. Michael Sanders
Stylist. Amanda Ameille
London Man. Miles Chaperon

New York
Producer. Marieta Blaskova & Gaetan Rousseau
Production Manager. Smith
Director of Photography. Adrien Bertolle
1st AC. Timothée Arene
DIT. Pierre “Dutty” Vannier
Assistant Director. Adrien Boyer
Production Assistant. Luciana Lombardi
Make Up and Hair. Shimu
Girl on Bridge. Melanie Mahanna
Man on Bridge. Todd Thomas

Executive Producer. Serge Thimbre
Associate Producer. Louis Ditapichai
Producer. Anne Guyon
Director/Dop. Nick Vecchi
Location manager. Teerayut Raksachol
Casting manager. Nattiyapa Korphaophanich
Production assistant. Guy Andrews
Production Assistant. Suliporn Sulaiwan
Equipment & Crew. Gear Head
Talent. Sunthari Chotipun

Rio de Janeiro
Producer / Production Manager. Pietro Sargentelli
Director. Osvaldo Sargentelli Filho
Director of Photography. Fernando Young
1st AC. Fefê Smilgat
DIT. Romulo Grion
CAM supplier. Lucas Loureiro
Location manager. Kleber Souza
Cast Director. Rani Seixas
Make up artist. Sidnei Oliveira
Talent. Ariane Rocha, David Almeida, Felipe de Freitas, Fernanda Faria, Juliana de Souza, Stela Chinelli.

Color Grading. Digital District
Project Manager. Elsa Jégou
Grading Artist. Didier Lefouest
Assistant Grading Artist. Océane Rémy. Anne-Sophie Queneuille. Audrey Samson.

Music. Sizzer Amsterdam
Music Supervisor. Rémy Dumas
Creative Director/Producer. Michiel Marsman
Composer. Christian Reindl
Mix. Kouz Production
Producer. Thomas Couzinier
Sound Mixer. Ivan Javanovic

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